Melody 1688 II valve pre-amp

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West Sussex
Posted by christian gaze on 29-10-18
Melody 1688 II valve pre-amp

MELODY SWH-1688II, This is the MK 2 version in  perfect condition. Has four switched inputs and four outputs. The tube compliment of the SWH1688II consists of two 101D tubes for voltage stabilization, two 6SN7 & two 6SL7 tubes for signal amplification, and one 5AR4 for rectification of the DC power supply. The volume control is a 24 position stepped attenuator with gold plated contacts and individually soldered resistors. It has a very nice rotary on/off switch and the build quality is like a tank with a gloss black finish.

The following is a list of internal components and features:
Capacitors: Jensen Pure copper /Silver in oil and Nichicon Capacitors.
Resistors selected at 1% of tolerance for the entire circuit.
Melody Power transformers with oversized OCC filament.
Ceramic sockets with terminals in gold OCC.
Ceramic Component rails, internal.
RCA Connectors by CMC 816.
Frequency Response: 3Hz – 100 KHz.
Input Impedance: 250k Ohm.
Output Impedance: 4 – 8 Ohm.
Output Voltage: 3Volt (Max 28)
Input sensitivity: 480mV
Signal / Noise Ratio > 88dB

2 herondean, the avenue, chichester PO19 5JT

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Lase Name Gaze
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