Vitus RD100 Pre / DAC

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Posted by Adrian Windo on 07-10-18
Vitus RD100 Pre / DAC

The RD100 Pre / DAC comes, complete with manual and original box, Apple remote control, power cord. 

A1 Condition

Cost new is £10800 so grab a bargain
This unit has a reference quality integrated volume control (in analog domain, using sophisticated resistor networks). Therefore, you could use this without a separate preamp for the most clarity. In addition, the unit has 2 analog inputs, which do not get digitized into the digital domain. When selected, the analog inputs get passed through the unit (digital section turned off), directly to the volume control. Therefore, this unit can work perfectly for the minimalist system for both analog and digital inputs (thus saving the cost of a reference grade preamp). This is what makes this unit unique, and an overall good deal. There is also a handy chassis ground connection to help eliminate ground loops. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Inmead, Edington, Wilts

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