Melody 1688 II valve pre-amp

Description: MELODY SWH-1688II, This is the MK 2 version in  perfect condition. Has four switched inputs and four outputs. The tube compliment of the SWH1688II consists of two 101D tubes for voltage stabilization, two 6SN7 & two 6SL7 tubes for signal amplification, and one 5AR4 for rectification of the DC power supply. The volume control is a 24 position stepped attenuator with gold plated contacts and individually soldered resistors. It has a very nice rotary on/off switch and the build quality is like a tank with a gloss black finish. The following is a list of internal components and features: Capacitors: Jensen Pure copper /Silver in oil and Nichicon Capacitors. Resistors selected at 1% of tolerance for the entire circuit. Melody Power transformers with oversized OCC filament. Ceramic sockets with terminals in gold OCC. Ceramic Component rails, internal. RCA Connectors by CMC 816. Frequency Response: 3Hz – 100 KHz. Input Impedance: 250k Ohm. Output Impedance: 4 – 8 Ohm. Output Voltage: 3Volt (Max 28) Input sensitivity: 480mV Signal / Noise Ratio > 88dB THD:

Publish Date: 29-10-18

Abbingdon Music Research CD-77 reference class compact disc player

Description: AMR CD-77 in excellent working and cosmetic condition. Complete with flight case, remote control, mains lead, set-up CD and instruction book. AMR CD-77: CLOSEST TO VINYL, EVER The AMRCD-77 Compact Disk Processor with its beguiling ability to bring compact disc playback on a par with vinyl, has upset the hegemony of super expensive CD players. From the custom transport to the legendary 16-Bit Multibit Philips TDA1541A DAC to the 6 NOS Valves, the CD-77 is endowed with a special combination of classic and latest technologies and shows the cost-no-object CD sources how to make music,rather than hifi. With 6 different Sampling modes; Bit Perfect to Up-sampling 192kHz, the CD-77 offers the user unrivalled control to suit every type of recording. With S/P-DIF and USB connectivity, rest assured that the CD-77 is completely future proofed. For those unwilling to compromise when going from vinyl to CD, the AMR CD-77 is the alpha player: it has an uncanny ability to charm and draw the listener into theheart and soul of the music. Check out these links for reviews and technical data

Publish Date: 29-10-18


Description: KT88 TUBES - MATCHED QUAD SET OF 1970s GEC GENALEX BROWN BASE THREE GETTERS  Made at Hammersmith ( as denoted by the Z) in the UK -the best of the best. Date codes 7528 Z(x3) ; 7527 Z(x1) ( one date code has unfortunately rubbed off) As you know these sets very rarely come up as a matched quad for auction I have these tubes as a spare set but I felt someone else should get the benefit of them. When last checked they measured ( by a 3rd party tester) strong at 60/60/60 and 61m/A To add to their quality sound and lifespan they have been deep cryogenically treated (DCT) which for people who know about these things offers a dramatic improvement sound wise. They sound remarkable. As you see there is some label-ware consistent with age. I will ONLY send by courier and it will need to be signed for.  For UK buyers the courier is max £25 uninsured. No returns, I prefer payment by bank transfer. INFO: In 1957 England's MO Valve, Ltd. (Marconi-Osram) produced the KT88 tube and sold them under the Genelex and GEC brand names. This innovatively developed tube immediately became the foundation of amplifier designs worldwide in both hi-fidelity and musical instrumentation amplification industries. It was on a level of its own, displaying flawless power and purity without compromise. When legendary American audio component designer Stu Hegeman declared the KT88 superior to the American 6550 tube, all manufacturers followed suit. Today hindsight confirms the KT88 was the pinnacle of vacuum tube technology. It was used in many golden era greats including the McIntosh MC275, Dynaco MKIII, Marshall Major, and many others, and it continues to serve and the foundation of many modern tube designs

Publish Date: 09-04-18


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