Stirling Broadcast/MGM Audio LS3/5a speakers.

Description: These LS3/5a speakers use ex. BBC cabinets with Stirling Broadcast baffles. These are fully built up and give the classic LS3/5a sound, with the advantage of driver replacement in the case of problems. The Rogers cabinets are the superior type with screwed-on baffles, not the wood screw type.  New XLR connectors have been fitted. Dedicated cables are supplied with the speakers. I run a small business, building and repairing speakers, named MGM Audio.  New Stirling grilles have been fitted and the cabinets prof. restored. The BBC used these ‘3/5as screwed to a shelf and you can just see the former screw holes in the pictures. Amy demo. given Location: Oxfordshire. Only two pics. can be posted.  For more: [email protected]

Publish Date: 24-11-18


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