EAR 834P MC/MM phono unit with volume control

Description: With MM or MC and volume control. Has been used with SME20 and Sumiko Celebration, amazing sound. First class condition Upgrading phono and amp. Supplied with Tim P valves (only used when special event, eg bake off) daily use Sovtek valves BUT NOT INCLUDED. Stereophile (probably the most critical magazine for reviews) says: As one would expect, the EAR thus excelled at re-creating the inner detail of good recordings, and was adept at extracting the delicacy, the subtle nuances of well-recorded unamplified instruments. Along with inner detail came agile reproduction of transients, but without a trace of hardness. The EAR's greatest strength was its ability to reproduce perfectly placed holographic images with body and life on a wide, deep soundstage.

Publish Date: 17-07-18


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